Verto 360 is a design-build firm doing commercial construction better

Headquartered in London, Ontario and operating in the province’s southwest, we use the Verto Approach to give our clients a superior service no other design-build firm offers.

After nearly 30 years in the commercial interior design business, we got fed up with seeing the same costly mistakes repeated over and over again. Projects were routinely over budget, past deadline and the finished space was obsolete too soon.  We dared to ask the question “Is there a better way?”

We knew there had to be a better approach to commercial construction projects.

We developed the Verto Approach.

Verto 360 clients enjoy:

  • Extreme cost certainty,
  • Shorter, more accurate project timelines,
  • A finished project better equipped to handle future challenges, and sustainably built.

Our team consists of designers, project managers, builders, and architects. We pair cutting-edge technology with customized prefab modular construction to virtually eliminate construction waste.

We use a holistic process to guide clients from the initial design and feasibility plan, through location selection and finally interior design and furnishing.

We make sustainable construction financially viable. Our building process eliminates the risk of shortages in labor and supplies.

If we told you we could build your commercial space faster and finish it on time, we could invest your budget better so the space would have a longer lifespan, and we could do it all while being environmentally responsible, would you call us crazy? Or would you be interested in what we’re offering?

Contact Verto 360 today so we can show you how to take the Verto Approach.

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