In Canada, the 2022 construction growth is projected at 16.4%, with residential seeing 5.5% growth and non-residential at 23.6%.

How are we going to accomplish that competitively and on schedule?

  • Construction faces growing labor headwinds from decades of low productivity.
  • Supply chains were stretched to capacity even before the pandemic, which then multiplied the problems.
  • Canadian construction costs jumped by 6.4% from May 2020 to May 2021 as contractors struggled with increased costs and shortages.

A rosy outlook with a lead lining if ever there was one.

There is only one way to take advantage of this rosy outlook and avoid the bulk of the downside and it’s something the construction industry as a whole has been working hard to avoid for a long time and that is:

Leveraging technology across the board from design thru to installation along with off-site manufacturing to offset labour and supply chain scarcity while at the same time ensuring price certainty.

At Verto360 and DIRTT we’ve been honing our craft doing just that for over 13 years.