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A Brave New World (I think)

On June 30, 2006 Canada’s “Do Not Call Registry” came into force through the CRTC. The law was enacted in response to the annoying problem of telemarketers interrupting our dinner hour. Apparently, as Canadians, we’re just too polite to let a phone call go unanswered,...

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We are pleased to introduce everyone (virtually) to our newest showroom piece. D.A.T.A (DIRTT Assembly Training Assistant) officially joined our team this month. D.A.T.A is a way for Verto to showcase DIRTT to clients from Healthcare to Corporate, and it's jammed...

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Here We Go Again!

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road”  Stewart Brand Or, as I like to put it “When you know better, you’ve got to do better” In order to do better at Verto360, we’ve launched a new website to reflect our...

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Build it with purpose

Here’s a proposition for you: Every business, government or institution has a degree of inefficiency built into its operating model. As time passes, the level of inefficiency rises and productivity drops. Now, let’s say you push back and say that a culture...

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Price vs. Cost

Price is the refuge of the dreamer. The dreamer who believes there’s such a thing as something for nothing, where no one gets hurt. Cost on the other hand, is generally more relevant and real, also more complicated. If the thing you’re looking to buy is in...

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