A Blank Page

July 2nd, 2018By: Andrew Lutowicz Posted in:

I’m not in the habit of writing blog posts on my phone. I’m not in the habit of donating blood in service of staving off the Mosquito Apocalypse either. I did both this week, because, well, duty called.

I was up on the North Channel in search of the Gitche Manitou. Plagued by caterpillars in and on everything. Huge house flies that buzzed about before using us as landing pads.

Horse flies the size of small bats.

And of course mosquitos and the requisite black flies.

Ticks would have rounded out the experience nicely.

So, I wrote this short piece on my phone because that was the only tech I had, and I needed practice thumb typing anyway. Besides, nothing focuses the mind like a small device in one hand while swatting with the other.


A few times during a lifetime we’re confronted with life-altering change. Handed a blank page.

Perhaps we’re the change agent here, but more likely, it’s an event we experience as happening to us.

Either way, the list of catalysts is long and grimly familiar.

– Death
– Divorce
– Business failure
– Life in a new country
– The end of a career

Even a fool will admit it’s a frightening time.
You feel vulnerable, lonely, isolated, overwhelmed, uncertain.

Not the best position to be in, to be making smart decisions.

Meanwhile, two questions buzz around your head while you’re in this state.

The first is: Are you going to start writing on that page, or are you going to let someone else fill it for you?

The second question is: Are you going to write the script for your future with a poison pen?

Time will determine the answer to question number 1. Either you step up to the task, or you don’t.

The second question is cued to an ancient human need: to swat & blame, to seek revenge on any and everything that’s hurt us.

You can use this beautiful blank page as a canvas for blame and self-justification. But will you?

Because if you do, it’s worth considering the fact that no one cares. Unless you’re hugely important—or taking downtime in an insect-rich eco-zone—your every movement isn’t tracked or targeted.

In other words, it’s your page, your future. Do with it as you please. Just don’t drink your own poison in the hopes that others will die.