Back to School Gadget Guide

August 31st, 2017By: John McKenziePosted in: CheckThisOut

It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year…” From the time I was old enough to attend school until my final year of post secondary, my father would sing this to me the night before school started. I went from hating that song, to loving it, to missing it dearly as I didn’t return to school.

As my post-secondary career(s) drew to a close, I realized that I would always be a student of life and so in the spirit of back to school, here is my list of must have Back to School Gadgets, brought to you (primarily) by Kickstarter.

  1. Passion Planner — $1 – $60

I have been using this planner for the past couple years and I am obsessed! So, imagine that a planner, a diary and a chicken soup for the soul book had a love child, the result would be a passion planner. Not only does it offer a great planner experience it also boasts: a passion roadmap, a step by step plan on how to achieve your goals, weekly challenges, motivational quotes, blank space for infinite possibilities, a dedication to personal (and professional) growth, along with monthly and quarterly reflections. As if that wasn’t enough, the new eco covers offer you the option to keep the same cover year after year. I could go on for days about this amazing planner, but check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Vue: Smart Glasses — $199 – $249

For the low price of $199 with or without a prescription, these are the smart glasses that everyone should be strolling through the streets wearing. Two styles, three colours, with endless lens options. Bone conducting speakers and completely customizable app integration. I wish I was wearing these right now!

  1. The Everyday Messenger — $219.95 – $249.95

As a man, who loves to rock the messenger bag, and who dabbles as an amateur photog, this bag is very exciting. I am still unsure how so much stuff can fit into such a compact bag, but I am working on the theory that this bag may, in fact, be a Tardis. Ranging from 13 to 15 inches in size to accommodate the most common computer sizes, it comes in your choice of Tan, Charcoal or Ash. Who doesn’t want an ash messenger bag, I’m just saying.

  1. MiniS Magnetic Speakers — $69-$79

As an avid music lover, and someone who is constantly surrounded by music and sound, I am always looking for cool new speaker options. So, I present to you the MiniS Magnetic Speakers. What more do I need to tell you, the name says it all, but wait…there’s more. One second pairing, a small sleek design, quick charging. These are the speakers designed for the cinephile on the go, who wants to share their music with friends. They also offer a full compliment of accessories from arm bands to bike mounts.