Knoll HiLo

April 30th, 2018By: Knoll Posted in: CheckThisOut

Say hello to Knoll’s new office seating option: HiLo. A seat that keeps you on your feet.

The HiLo addressed two defining shifts in today’s work culture: a focus on well-being and the rise of untethered, flexible workstyles. It’s minimalist, symmetrical shape facilitates movement. Light and nimble, portable and effortless to move, HiLo stands stable and upright when not in use. Taking cues from high-performance gear, HiLo’s composite rubber seat is responsive and flexible. The foot, moulded over a steel substructure, provides both stability and spring.

Small, simple, and something new, this playful perch will change the way you work. With its friendly design and revolutionary spirit, HiLo keeps you balanced between active and relaxed, fun and functional, sitting and standing.

HiLo is ready to take you where no chair can go. Pull it up to share a screen, pop in on a meeting, or take a standing break. Whether you are working alone or together, within tight spaces or tight deadlines, HiLo is a perch when and where the moment strikes.

HiLo is a personal, compact office companion designed for dynamic environments. It keeps you on your feet, so your ideas can take flight.

The light frame, flexible rubber seat, and height adjustability allow for unsurpassed flexibility at work – encouraging movement from space to space and changes in posture from sitting to standing to perching.

Currently available in a black seat with black frame, we have been told that more colours, including Knoll Red, which is pictured, will be released later this year. At a weight of only 11.2 lbs moving this perch is easy and quick. It has a height adjustment range from 26.1 inches to 33.1 inches.