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Build it with purpose

Here’s a proposition for you: Every business, government or institution has a degree of inefficiency built into its operating model. As time passes, the level of inefficiency rises and productivity drops. Now, let’s say you push back and say that a culture...

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Price vs. Cost

Price is the refuge of the dreamer. The dreamer who believes there’s such a thing as something for nothing, where no one gets hurt. Cost on the other hand, is generally more relevant and real, also more complicated. If the thing you’re looking to buy is in...

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This is one of those terms you learn while wasting time on the web. For those of you who don’t know, a Klazomaniac is a person WHO CAN ONLY SPEAK BY SHOUTING.   And that’s how I feel every time I find myself talking about how broken and outdated the...

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Viva La Verto

You might safely assume that the title of this blog post means "Long Live Verto360." After all, it's written by Verto360's CRO and posted on Verto360's website that expounds all things Verto360. But here’s the thing. Verto is the Latin verb that translates...

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