Resolution Time!

January 1st, 2018By: John Brander Posted in: CheckThisOut

It’s the beginning of January and we all know what that means, it’s resolution time!

What you may not know is that the current cultural phenomenon for New Year’s resolutions actually dates back to the ancient Babylonians, some 4000 years ago. At that point, that Babylonians celebrated the new year, not in the dead of winter, but rather mid-March, to coincide with their planting of crops. During a 12 day festival called Akitu, they would reaffirm their loyalty to their king (or elect a new one), and they would make promises to the gods to pay their debts and return what they had borrowed. If they kept their promises to their gods they would bestow favour on them for the coming year. If not, they would fall out of the gods’ favour – not a good place to be for the ancient Babylonians. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where our New Years Resolutions started, a bunch of Babylonians promising to be better to ensure the gods’ blessed them.

Flash forward to modern times, our Verto office is sparkling and all remanence of the holiday has been carefully removed and hidden in the closet, ready for next year. Our team is slowly making their way into the office, filled to the brim (I assume) with holiday cheer, good memories and many stories to share. To honour the New Year tradition, we thought it would be a fun time to share our personal resolutions with you, our loyal readers, so here they are:

Andrew: My resolution is to continue the revolution and resolve to evolve.*
*Side note: This was written at a very high altitude with smaller amounts of oxygen, as Andrew was on a mountainside in BC.

Brittany: I want to buy more groceries so that I can pack a lunch and avoid buying take-out lunch. Also, eat fewer sweets throughout the day.

Heather: I want to spend more one-on-one time with each of my children.

John: I want to do more things that scare me or push me outside of my comfort zone. Also…travel.

Ruvim: I don’t do new years resolutions, I try to be better every day then the day before.

Shannon: 2017 was a pretty good year for me. In 2018 I would like to travel more, even if it’s just weekend trips. Some of your best memories are made on vacation.

Tyler: I want to spend more time golfing/travelling and stop worrying about the “uncontrollable.”