Keeping up with The Vertologists: Spring Edition

April 1st, 2018By: John Brander Posted in: CheckThisOut

Spring is in the air…well, April showers have started, that is close enough. Team Verto has been working away on several large projects, training sessions and more. We figured we should update our loyal fans on what the Vertologists have been up to.

Tyler and I went to the Knoll showroom in March for a 2-day training on Government Service Agreements. Training Topics Included:  The service agreement between Knoll and the Provincial and Federal Government, The Government tender process and much much more.  Not only did we come back filled with information on how to position Verto to get some Government money but also with official Team Canada jerseys! Thanks KNOLL! While leaving on Wednesday morning we even saw a tv episode being shot outside our downtown hotel. Allow me to clarify, the crew started setting up for a film shoot at 5am, not a single star was seen in or around the area, but those tech crews are not very quiet.





For two days Brittany, Liz, Tyler and I were at the Knoll factory for Installation Excellence Training. A great time was had by all as we learned about some of the most popular Knoll products and how to install them. The combined experience in the room led to many helpful tips and tricks for installation. LEVEL! LEVEL! LEVEL! We came away with a lot of information and feel pretty pleased with the opportunity to attend though we are not full-time installers. We have already taken advantage of the training, installing CPU holders onto The Zone desks all by ourselves. There may be an amateur installation company in our future, you never know. Ok, the chances of that happening are rather unlikely, but we had a great time and learned alot about installation and how to be excellent at it.



It was a cold Monday Morning when we all piled into our respective vehicles and headed to the country. Where were we going? McLaughlan’s Family Maple Syrup for breakfast! Pancakes, syrup, ham, sausage and hashbrowns, oh my!  We ate so much food, in fact that we were able to skip lunch, and for a couple of us dinner.  It was a nice morning away from the office to reconnect with the team, laugh and enjoy some downtime after a very busy few weeks.




Tyler and Andrew are heading out to Calgary for the week-long DIRTT EXPERIENCE! The DIRTT Experience is a 2 part exploration of everything DIRTT. Part One: DIRTT DNA focuses on Culture, Innovation and the Experience of how DIRTT wishes to build better. Part Two: Immersive DIRTT is a role-specific ‘deeper dive’. While the gentlemen are in Calgary, Shannon is getting on her own jet plane. She will be attending DIRTT Design Training in Culver City, Los Angeles. I am sensing a future blog about how great her training in tinsel town was.