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Breathe Wall

Breathe is a simple system for incorporating plants into your space. It is scalable and easily expanded from one panel to a monolithic wall of plants.  The positive impacts of plants in workplace interiors are well documented. People perform better in environments with plants, which seem to have a stress-reducing effect and can prevent fatigue during attention-demanding work. Most buildings condition air through an HVAC system to render the air fit for human use. Conditioning the air requires energy, further contributing to greenhouse gas production and operating costs. Studies have confirmed the beneficial effect of certain plants on the air quality. In fact, Breathe can provide a benefit to indoor air quality that no HVAC system can supply.

Verto360 has been able to install several Breathe walls in Community Centres, Car Dealerships, Legal and Financial Offices, Tech Companies and even our own office space!

Click Here to watch a time-lapsed video of the Breathe Wall installation at our office.



Breathe Wall

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