When the first ergonomic office chairs came on the market over 40 years ago they sold for $300 a piece against the standard steno chair of the day that sold for $69.

Clients wouldn’t even try them because they were so ridiculously expensive.

Then we convinced a local hospital to let us do a survey of the life span of their $69 chair purchases. It showed that the average life span of these chairs was 18 months and then they went into the garbage dumpster because the facilities department found it was cheaper to replace a chair than repair it.

They were spending our Healthcare dollars buying the equivalent of disposable Bic lighters and because Purchasing rarely communicated with Facilities no one was any the wiser.

The new ergonomic chairs which came with a 10 year warranty thereby guaranteeing a life span if 10 years.

Do the math. That’s a 53% saving over 10 years and a way more comfortable way to sit.

What are you considering ridiculously expensive just because you’re looking at the purchase price?