Let's Take The Stress Out Of Construction

Planning a new build or major remodel is a big deal. It’s full of decisions that you don’t make every day. You want to make great choices and we want to help you.

Our Partner DIRTT is offering a personalized tour and consultation. The DIRTT Experience is for you and your team, hosted virtually from DIRTT’s largest manufacturing campus in Calgary, Alberta.  To find out more visit the link, and to book your own DIRTT Experience use the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

With DIRTT’s technology, you’ll see exactly how much your project will cost, to the penny. Make changes in real-time. Your cost is immediately recalculated. And the best part? The cost quoted is the actual cost. DIRTT technology is a design, pricing, and visualization tool that speaks directly to our factories. If the design and project scope stays the same, so will your cost.

Stay on schedule

Don’t let your budget be hijacked by the labor and hidden costs of a longer schedule. Once you sign off, the entire space is manufactured and shipped in 21 days or less. Components are installed on site in a fraction of the time conventional construction requires. Your punch list is wrapped weeks sooner.

Experience the space before it’s built

3D visualizations and advanced virtual reality let you be certain about your design decisions. With technology that connects directly to the DIRTT factory, what you see is always what you get. 

Run efficient job sites

Trades work in a wide-open, safe and clean space. Teams finish fast with little to no waste or do-overs. Other trades need fewer hours and less material. They’re on and off the project faster and can move onto the next job. When they get to know DIRTT, their bids reflect that. Everyone is more productive for a happy project.

Be ready for anything

Build a space that’s always relevant. Your environment is adaptable and ready to handle whatever changes the future may hold. DIRTT gives you a modular solution that benefits your ongoing expenses and maintenance budget. Now more than ever, we need to build spaces that will adapt to changing technology and new ways of working, learning or delivering care.

Reduce maintenance costs

Because they’re modular in nature, DIRTT spaces are adaptable throughout the life of the building. Flexibility reduces costs for renovations and improvements. You can access wall cavities in minutes without drywall damage or dust. DIRTT gives you a flexible platform to manage changes with little disruption and downtime, reducing your ongoing expenses. And better yet, a DIRTT space is built to last with durable materials.

Create a sustainable space

Construction uses more raw materials than any other industry and fills a quarter of all landfills. Our method of construction helps fix that. Sustainable behaviors are intrinsic to every DIRTT space. DIRTT’s prefabricated solutions are built for adaptability and reuse, so they can be modified as your businesses changes, eliminating the need to tear down and rebuild your space as your needs change. 

DIRTT’s prefabricated solutions arrive onsite already measured, cut, and finished to the exact requirements of the job site. This eliminates a significant amount of waste on the jobsite that would otherwise be generated during conventional construction. Most of DIRTT’s packaging solutions are recyclable and reusable packaging is used when possible.

DIRTT is committed to selecting healthy and sustainable materials when creating solutions, ensuring that they contribute to project requirements for material selection, recycled content, and air quality. DIRTT also contributes to GBRS such as LEED, WELL Building Standard® and the Living Building Challenge.
Click here for more on building sustainably with DIRTT.

Let’s start a new project together

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