If Johannes Gutenburg had decided there was no market of his printing press in 1439 because less than 8% of the German population at the time could read, then we might all still be illiterate.

If Elon Musk had waited until the masses were screaming for a sustainable form of transportation, he would have never set out to build a great electric car.

If Henry Ford had asked the good people of the day how he might improve their lives they probably would have told him to breed a faster horse that eats less and produces less waste.

If the founders of DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) had waited for the design and construction industries to demand a more reliable way of pricing and constructing building interiors, they would have never developed ICE software, with the capabilities to render in real time, price to the penny and power a manufacturing process that can deliver custom interiors within weeks.

And so, it goes. The stories are almost endless…Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, James Gosling, Alexander Graham Bell…

And when new technology is accepted as the de facto standard we often forget how many years we spent resisting it and hanging onto our old ways.

I, for one, hung onto my Blackberry for far too long.

How about you?