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We are the future of interior construction. New ideas that meet your needs today and are ready to adapt to what comes next. Whatever the shape and size of your project, we can save you time, energy, and money.

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Designed for today, built for tomorrow.

Construction needs vary widely, project to project, from dividing existing space, to accommodating more staff, to upgrading the technology in your meeting space or office, to moving to an entirely new location. Manufactured construction means your space can be built today and reconfigured tomorrow with ease. Changes can be made on the fly to adapt to your business’ needs. Invest in a space that is ready to evolve and stay relevant over time, without excessive material waste. The Verto Approach allows you to see, cost, and time your project before costly work begins. 

See It

Revolutionary VR technology allows you to see a perfect virtual representation of your space.  Stand in your boardroom or walk through your foyer and make changes in real-time – all before a lease or contract with an Architect, Interior Designer, or contractor is signed.

Cost It

Achieve cost certainty never thought possible with virtual simulation software that calculates material costs precisely. Our custom prefabrication process has you spending significantly less on labour compared to conventional construction.

Time It

Pre-construction planning so precise that the actual finish date is known before the project begins. Prefabricated construction is  40% – 75% faster than conventional construction. You can be in your space in no time.

We’ve Been Building For Over 30 Years

Headquartered in London, Ontario and operating in the province’s southwest, Verto360 applies the Verto Approach to give our clients a superior service and an end result no other firm offers.

After nearly 30 years in the commercial interior design business, we got fed up with seeing the same costly mistakes repeated over and over again. Projects were routinely over budget, past deadline, poorly coordinated and the finished space was obsolete too soon. We dared to ask the question “Is there a better way?”

Latest Projects

London City Hall

Over the past year the 6th floor of City Hall has undergone extensive transformation.  There was a need to get more bodies in the space and still a need for more compact private office space.

Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital

As part of the hospital’s revitalization program a need for an Information Centre in the main lobby of the hospital was identified. 

Kik Interactive

Verto360 designed and installed DIRTT integrated wall assemblies that met the desired sleek contemporary aesthetic and provided the acoustical privacy required for meeting rooms and privacy enclaves.

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