AstraZeneca Canada

When we first began working on this project with Ted Moudis Associates from New York, he was looking for a low-profile system with classic lines, the elimination of all vertical mullions and corners of mitered glass at various angles. We were able to achieve these requirements and use 3D modelling – ICE technology – to bring the vision to life to share with the Architect for his review and approval.

This project had its own set of unique issues – the main one being built in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, while traditional construction was battling supply chain issues on top of health and safety concerns, we were able to continue unaffected with our prefabricated DIRTT solution.

Other challenge we faced were extremely long runs of glass-fronts up to 27 feet and mitering of glass for the corner applications at various angles. ICE software enabled us to provide the glass manufacturer with exacting dimensions for the glass so when the DIRTT frames and glass showed up on site all elements came together perfectly.



Designed By

Ted Moudis Associates (TMA)

Solution Partners

Canadian Turner Construction Company Ltd.


32,660 square feet

Number of Change Orders


% of Change Order in Final Sell Price


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