Calibrex is a residential developer who were looking to retrofit their two-story head office and showroom in Newmarket Ontario. When they first discovered Verto360’s process and DIRTT’s manufactured construction system their curiosity was moved. After a virtual tour of DIRTT’s Experience Centre and Construction Lab they felt confident that this was the approach they wanted to explore.

As a general contractor in the residential sector themselves Calibrex understood how a conventional design and construction approach could be messy and unpredictable leading to schedule delays, budget over runs and possibly less than desirable results.

After an initial consultation Verto360 prepared a Verto Approach proposal outlining design-assist and pre-construction services that would be required to ensure that the design intent was achieved and that the project would be delivered on time and within budget.

Using ICE, DIRTT’s proprietary software, Verto360 built a digital twin of the proposed office design enabling 3D fly through’s. The software also allows us to make changes in real time that empower the design team and all stakeholders by visualizing those changes and seeing the cost implications, thus expediting the decision making process.

In summary, the Verto Approach process and our project management experience combined with DIRTT’s digital tools and manufactured construction solutions allowed Calibrex to reach their objectives faster with less disruption while maintaining a high level of fit and finish on schedule and within their budget.

“The best way to predict the future is to design it” Abraham Lincoln


Curtain Wall
Embedded Technoloy

Designed by

Lisa Ho Studio

Solution Partners

Stamp & Hammer


7,780 square feet

Number of Change Orders


% of Change Order in Final Sell Price


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