Cambridge Memorial Hospital

Verto360 has been a part of the Cambridge Memorial Hospital revitalization project since it was first developed in 2013.  Even at the birth of this project the Hospital could see the benefits of building with DIRTT and the flexibility that manufactured construction would bring them.  For example: Our millwork with the 3D Thermofoil laminate offered them the ideal level of infection control in their new space.

Construction commenced in 2013 and the 190,000 square foot – 5 story tower was built as part of the Phase 2 revitalization project.  As construction progressed we proceeded to outfit the Hospital with new Nurses Stations, Medicine Rooms, Staff Lounges, Triage Areas and Training Rooms.  Additionally patient rooms, exam rooms and operating rooms were outfitted with DIRTT millwork.  There were multiple changes throughout the project and we were able to modify our solutions and still maintain the strict standards required for this project.

Unfortunately, this project saw more than it’s fair share of delays and issues, but we are happy to report that Phase 2 of the project was completed in January 2020 and the new tower was handed over to the Hospital. It is now the bright, functional space that it was designed and intended to be.  The next step in this revitalization project starts in February 2021 and includes the renovation of the existing Hospital to bring it up to the new standards that have been incorporated in Phase 2.  Verto360 looks forward to continuing to contribute to this project along with Ellis -Don, Stantec and DIRTT to continually improve the patient experience at CMH.




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