London City Hall – 6th Floor

Over the past year the 6th floor of City Hall has undergone extensive transformation.  There was a need to get more bodies in the space and still a need for more compact private office space.  Luckily enough, back in 2010 the City started investing in the DIRTT solution when they were renovating the 6th floor.

In designing the new space we were able to re-use all of the material from that original installation (with the exception of a few doors and panels that no longer met the current accessibility standards) and minimize the amount of new material required for purchase (about 80% of the material was from previous purchases).  This also kept construction waste out of the landfills and kept the money in the City’s budget.  Some of the wall frames had already been reconfigured at least once, so they were being installed for the 3rd time.  Another perk of using DIRTT, the re-use of glass panes also minimized the amount of new window film required for this project.

There was a requirement for a meeting/lounge space that was multi-functional.  They needed to be able to use both spaces individually, but also wanted the option of being able to open up the space and hold larger meetings/gatherings.

With the DIRTT Timber Frame solution we were able to install a DIRTT Leaf folding wall that met these needs and didn’t have to go above the ceiling tiles where we would have had to deal with Asbestos issues and abatement.   This alone saved the City money and kept the construction disruption to a minimum as it was still a fully functioning office space.  The Timber Frame arch was anchored to the floor and to one wall and not only carries the weight of the LEAF wall but supports the Glass Frames that make up the Boardroom/Lounge area.  The City chose a custom stain to match existing wood-grain finishes in the area.

There was also a need for a coffee station, which we outfitted in DIRTT Millwork with an embedded power outlet in the corian top.  Plenty of storage space, and a clean look that hides obsolete radiators and makes the corner a functional space.

We added on to two existing DIRTT offices to complete the entire space, and gave it a uniform appearance that would not have been possible without the forethought that went into designing with DIRTT so many years ago.  This is exactly what we talk about when we use the word ‘futureproof’.


LEAF Folding Wall
DIRTT Millwork
Full height markerboard tiles


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