Siskinds LLP

Siskinds LLP had already made a decision to build using a prefabricated solution when we presented DIRTT to them. They understood that this was the way of the future which offered them advantages during the initial build out and beyond.  The game changer for DIRTT was the almost unlimited scope of solutions and finishes available and their ICE software which was able to render any option in real time.

The team at Verto360 collaborated with the design firm on the project (Ollie Agency Inc.) to provide numerous DIRTT solutions for their design. We used Inspire walls which are a low-profile glass walls with a thickness of only 2-inches while achieving and acoustical rating of 38 STC.

Using a manufactured construction solution creates a strong sustainability story as well, allowing us to:

  • Divert 18,700 pounds of drywall from entering a landfill.
  • Prevent 183 pounds of paint-based VOCs from off-gassing
  • Prevent 31 pounds of drywall mud and tape-based VOC’s from off-gassing

We also used:

  • 46% recycled content in our wall solution
  • 1.4% bio-based content in our wall solution
  • 1,464 recycled denim jeans in wall insulation ( 53% less CO2e than conventional fiber glass insulation)
  • 87% recycled content in our casework solution

Change orders can be an unexpected nightmare for many clients. These are unaccounted for costs that occur during the construction process when unforeseen circumstances or clashes between trades arise. We’re happy to report that on this very large project Verto360 experienced only 4 change orders which resulted in a credit to the client of $1,900.

At one point in the process, we were asked who our competition was. It’s a common question and the answer is always the same “Our competition is the way we’ve been doing design/build for the past 70+ years. But Nicole Monich of Ollie Agency Inc. says it best – “constant comparison [of DIRTT] to traditional construction is a mistake because they don’t function the same way.”

Featured Photo Credit: Kendra Wilson


DIRTT Walls with Embedded Technology
Level 4 Power

Designed By

Ollie Agency

Solution Partners

Ollie Agency
HOK Architects Corporation
Govan Brown


59,885 square feet

Number of Change Orders


% of Change Order in Final Sell Price

– 0.08%
This project’s change orders resulted in savings.

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