Design Development

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Subsequent to decisions made based during the Initial Design, Design Development deals with addressing the details and coordination of the actual build out of your space.

For Design Development to proceed the shell of your space needs to be defined with AutoCAD or Revit drawings.

In Design Development partition plans are confirmed, elevations determined and mechanical, plumbing, electrical and IT systems developed in coordination with Mechanical & Electrical Engineers and usually an Architect. Additionally, furniture layouts, reflected ceiling plans, lighting and a myriad of other details are documented and coordinated for the preparation of construction drawings and documents.

As in Initial Design you will be required to make decisions and give approvals during Design Development based on your ability to read and interpret blueprints. In so far as it is possible, we will continually update our 3D renderings and fly-throughs to give you the ability to make decisions and give approvals based on a virtual experience of your space, right down to the location and number of electrical and data outlets.

At this point costs and schedule are finalized. Additionally, potential cost savings, energy efficiencies and constructability improvements are identified.

As the client and future inhabitant of your space it is critical that during Design Development you have the opportunity to provide your input and understand the impact of the decisions and approvals you are being asked to make. Once construction begins, changes are expensive and usually affect the schedule.