Feasibility Planning

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Sometimes you just need to know if a project is feasible before you start spending significant money to move forward with it, or even know if it is feasible to move forward.

Our Feasibility Planning model is designed to keep the costs of Feasibility Studies minimal while providing you with valuable design and financial information to help facilitate your decision-making process.

The Feasibility Planning model we use addresses:

  • Adjacencies
  • Occupancy requirements (square footage)
  • Construction budgets
  • Work flow and styles
  • Company culture
  • Furnishings and finishes budgets

Our experience of over 30 years on many projects gives us the ability to synthesize your requirements creatively and accurately.

What we will deliver in a Feasibility Report will reflect your requirements based on the information you’ve provided in terms of square footage needs and financial budgets broken down into as much detail as you need in order for you to make your decision.