Immersive Planning

A new way to think about space

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The workplace today is a mass of blurred boundaries. Driven by changing workstyles, the experience economy and the influence of the startup culture, the lines separating the worlds of work, life and play continue to fade.

As group-based work becomes the norm, and companies assemble networks of partners. Outcomes are emphasized over process. Group work dominates for good reason. Not only is it the demonstrated linchpin of creativity and productivity, but also it plays a key role in workers’ happiness and satisfaction with their jobs, company and workplace.

Empowered workers move frequently throughout the day to their choice of workspace, using the tools they select and meeting with the team they need, at the time and place they prefer.

Immersive Planning is based on the blending of 5 distinct planning models to create an ideal environment for your organization:

  1. Perimeter (Structured, Linear, Independent)
  2. Core (Accessible, Inclusive, Transparent)
  3. Efficient (Streamlined, Collaborative, Energetic)
  4. Adaptive (Adjustable, Social, Diverse)
  5. Immersive (Improvisational, Communal, Dimensional)