Corian is a synthetic seamless marble that can be molded into almost any shape and is easily repairable in the field, although that rarely happens because it’s nearly indestructible and lasts forever. It is non-porous and when properly cleaned does not support the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, or viruses.

You’d think that in Healthcare they would immediately recognize the benefits of such a solution, but they couldn’t or wouldn’t because they didn’t see a need for it or it didn’t fit their budget.

As great a product as it is, 20 years ago you would have starved to death trying sell it in Healthcare environments.

Then SARS happened in 2003.

And what should have always been a concern in healthcare “infection control” started to show up in the press. People were literally scared to death of catching a hospital acquired infection.

The problem of hospital acquired infections persists to this day, but now the hospitals happily pay the 3X premium for Corian, but it’s only one in a long list of things that hospitals could be doing to reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections.

Construction is one area where conventional materials like drywall are falling far short of providing Healthcare facilities with the tools they need to fight hospital acquired infections.

This is equally true for medical clinics, dentist’s offices etc.

Manufactured construction provides access not only to superior finishes, but methodologies as well.