Designed for Today, Built for Tomorrow.

See It. Cost It. Time It.

Our design-build process

We are commercial interior construction consultants and contractors achieving constructability using state-of-the-art technologies to design, manufacture and build better.

We interpret the design of your space in virtual reality so that changes can be made easily during the entire design process, greatly reducing the need for costly change orders once construction commences. Your custom interior is manufactured at a DIRTT manufacturing facility to the exact specifications within a 2-4 week lead time. When the construction assemblies arrive on the job site they are assembled in a fraction of the time, using far less labour and creating very little waste. Up to 75% faster than building conventionally with drywall.

See It. Experience your space before construction even begins. 

Conventional construction has you imagining your future space from flat blueprints

We reverse engineer your designs by starting with client consultations. Taking a deep dive into what you want and what your business needs are. We discuss current trends, what is on the horizon and how your space can evolve with your business.

We don’t expect you to read, understand and approve flat, two dimensional blueprints. When it’s time to approve design plans all you need to do is look. Verto360 clients are supplied 3D renderings, fly-through videos and immersive virtual reality simulations to aid them in approving design plans.

Cost It. Cost accuracy never before achieved in the design and construction industry.

Taking The Verto Approach to your construction project means you’ll have an accurate quote, not an estimate. Our clients get a quote they can budget for down to the penny and a certainty that the cost won’t exceed that budget. 

 An End to Expensive Changes

Change orders occur when a client requests alterations be made to the plans after the construction has already begun. This most often results in wasted material, wasted labour and a delayed schedule, all of which cost you, the client money. Change orders happen, not because the clients didn’t know what they wanted, but because they didn’t know what they were agreeing to. The average person isn’t able to look at a set of blueprints or schematics and visualize the represented space and all of its details and complexities three dimensionally.

Invest in Material Instead of Labour

Conventional construction has you spending 70% to 80% of your budget on labour and only 20% to 30% on materials. Labour that walks off the jobsite, and the moment your project is done leaving you with a residual value of 20% – 30%. Utilizing manufactured construction you’ll benefit from a residual value of 70% – 80% with only 20% – 30% of your money spent on labour.

Designing for Tomorrow Doesn’t Mean Spending Today

Whether you plan for change in your business or not the reality is you likely won’t be working the same way with the same technologies three years from now. When change happens, it happens fast, you can choose to either come along for the ride or get run over. Verto360 has more than 30 years of experience in being at the forefront of commercial interior innovation. We focus on the future because you need a space that will still be functional 5-10-15-20 years from now.

Time It. A Construction schedule that’s calculated not estimated.

On average a manufactured solution goes up 40% to 75% faster than building it on site. 

Taking The Verto Approach gives you a start to finish timeline that isn’t a guess or an estimate. It’s the result of a design-build process so thorough and exact that we can accurately say your project will take this amount of time to manufacture and build.

Project delays are the costly and cause delays. The Verto Approach diminishes potential delays by focusing on efficiencies and investing energy at the right moments in the design and construction management process to avoid delays.  By experiencing their design in virtual reality our clients know how their space is supposed to look and feel like when it’s built. This reduces change orders resulting from mid-project design changes due to miscommunications and design flaws.

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