For those of you who have been in our space over the past year, you may have noticed that we had a room in the showroom that wasn’t really utilized all that well….that is…until now!  Over the past few months, with the diligence and care of our team, what used to be our “healthcare” room has been transformed into our Virtual Reality room. We added an extra sensor into the room to make the VR experience smoother and more seamless. Wires were hung with aircraft cable from our 30 ft ceiling allowing for those who are wearing the goggles to take full advantage of the full 100 sq ft to walk around without tripping over cords.

Our new Co-op Student just started and here is what he had to say after his first experience with our system and the Ice Software:

“Having a VR system is an advantage over other design companies.  Not many companies can ask their clients if they want to walk through the layout before it is built. My first time going through an office layout on the VR really thrilled me! I could see what the office will look like, even the colors that they would use before anything was built. It was easy to see if there was something that I wanted to change or move and what it would feel like walking through the office. The virtual reality system can give people a better understanding of a layout better than a plan or a 3D model. Overall the experience was amazing and the VR was quite unique, it’s something everything should try!”