Why do we tackle difficult problems?

Why do we persist after being told ‘thanks, but no thanks’ time and time again?

Why do we think solving these difficult problems in the world of construction are worth the time and emotional effort required to solve them?

Because all the simple problems have already been taken and solved.

Most of the world is happy to go along with glib answers, over simplification and promises, all the while following flawed processes that result in work of questionable value, shifting deadlines and dubious outcomes.

But that does not move us forward.

I can predict with certainty that your construction project will go either over budget and/or won’t be completed on time as promised, but since those are future possibilities and not present threats you can ignore them for now or make them someone else’s problem later.

This silofication is not unique to the design/build process. It’s a hangover from the 20th century post war model of industrialization. And it’s not confined to just the construction industry.

The General Contractors and trades are often just the whipping boys and girls for all the inefficiencies and errors that preceded their role in the process.

Why indeed?