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For the past four years, Deloitte has had the directive to convert its offices across the country into open, collaborative spaces. Their new Kitchener office at 195 Joseph St, marks the first time they have moved into a redeveloped, brick-and-beam space. The building was formerly the Hide House for the Lang Tanning Company. Several other buildings native to the company were torn down in 2010, to vocal and widespread opposition. There has been a concern for the past few years related to the functionality of the final remaining building of the historic tannery with its recognizable smoke-stack, which is protected by the Ontario Heritage Act.

In an article with The KW Record, Peter Barr, Deloitte’s managing partner for Waterloo Region said of the space “it will be much more open space, far fewer walls, more creative-collaborative working environment, a lot more technology.”  With that in mind the DIRTT solution meets and exceeds all of the client’s desires. Glass fronts used throughout the space allow for an open, airy space with clean lines throughout.

Deloitte embraces various door styles throughout the office, including frameless pivot doors which allows for a more modern feel to the space. Window Film is utilized on almost all of the office glass fronts to enhance privacy without taking away from the desired asthetics. All meeting rooms were equipped with a tablet booking system, an interesting and modern way to address room use and support their goal of being the “workplace of the future.”


Glass Fronts
Barn Doors
Frameless Pivot Doors
Butt Hinge Doors
Window Film


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Gensler Architects


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