Mammoet is an international Dutch company famous for big moves. They specialize in providing solutions for transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures.

In 2012 a search was underway to purchase land in order to build a new HQ for Eastern North America within the Region of Waterloo in S.W. Ontario. By mid-2013 Mammoet’s Project Manager acting with approval from the Board of Management made a decision to employ a manufactured interior solution for the build out of the 32,000 square foot office space within the 100,000 square foot building along with a low profile access floor to accommodate plug and play power and IT networks distribution.

Verto360 was contracted as the primary Interior Design consultant for the project with the understanding that in order to achieve the projects main objectives communication, coordination and organization would be key factors. Verto360 undertook planning the interior using DIRTT’s manufactured wall partitions, access floor and power & networks solutions to realize a far more sophisticated environment than could have been achieved using drywall and conventional construction methods.

By January 2014 the shell of the building was completed and the concrete floor slabs were being poured to accommodate DIRTT’s access floor. By the first week in July 2014, after only 8 combined weeks on site, our crews were leaving the site having completed the build out of the interior including the complete power/IT networks distribution system; the installation of a sound masking system; and the installation of all furniture. John Ham; “had we built this out conventionally we probably would have added another eight to nine months to the schedule”


Modular Power & Networks
Access Floor
Sound Masking
Embedded Technology
Monolithic Glass Walls
Glass Sliding Doors
Height Adjustable Workstations
Private Office Furniture
Soft Seating
Task Seating
Guest Seating


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