MNP is one of the largest accounting and business consulting firms in Canada, with a 65 year heritage and more than 70 offices coast to coast.  As a rapidly growing firm in a competitive industry, MNP recognizes that a well-designed workspace can attract customers, facilitate recruitment and communicate corporate culture.

MNP chooses to build out their offices, nation-wide, with DIRTT Environmental Solutions.  Using DIRTT, the MNP Design Team is able to create spaces that communicate a consistent corporate identity while putting a unique stamp on each location in order to reflect the local marketplace.

As an accounting firm, MNP keeps a close eye on the bottom line.  By building with DIRTT, they’ve consistently realized savings of up to 10% below conventional construction costs, with an accelerated schedule and level of fit and finish that’s unheard of in the conventional construction world.

But, don’t just take our word for it…Check out this video where MNP along with their Design and Construction teams explain why they choose to build better!

“Within the process is where you win or lose on cost and schedule and ultimately quality”
Greg Bobyn, Director of Real Estate, MNP

“From start to finish we were in install for just under 4 weeks, and that’s typically not seen in construction to this level of finish.”
Chris Mannhardt, General Contractor, Zehr Levesque

“… at the time conventional construction was in the $80 a square foot range.  Modular Construction – as told by the local construction community – was $90-$100 a square foot… We were very pleased when our [DIRTT] project came in at $69 dollars a square foot.  Well under conventional, and well, well under what the local market told us modular construction would cost.” 
Greg Bobyn, Director of Real Estate, MNP


Sliding Veneer Doors
Write Away Surfaces
Glass Walls
Integrated Accessory Rails

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Toker and Associates

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