I was just reflecting on how pumped I get coming to work and having the opportunity to build something in a Community Centre that tens of thousands of people EVERY YEAR will get to see and experience as a result of our work! It’s amazing!!! I’m sure the great, great, great grandchildren of the guy who built the Coliseum probably felt the same pride as their ancestor felt every time they looked at that structure. And it’s still standing!

At the London Regional Cancer Centre project, I think about how we are imbedding TV’s in the walls to show people where to go every day for their treatments and possibly what the expected wait times are. These people are vulnerable and perhaps not in the best shape physically and/or psychologically in the first place. Then they have to figure out where they have to go for treatment and how long they have to wait by using an alternative method (maybe a receptionist, map or static way finding system). What if the person at the reception desk is rude to them or gives them more information than they can remember? What if the map or way finding system is confusing? The information on the interactive TV’s we imbed in the walls can be updated to provide accurate information in real time alleviating some of their stress and helping them have a better day. That good feeling could have a butterfly effect and maybe even enhance the quality of their treatment and health. It’s amazing to me, to think, that something we built could have a positive direct link to a patient’s health and wellness.

At the Cities: We are potentially changing the course of their construction practices for the next 100 years. That’s how the drywall guy must have felt when he introduced a revolutionary new way to build out building interiors using prefabricated gypsum panels. The current revolution has the potential to change the way we approach budgeting, the environment and interior architecture. We have the opportunity to save significant amounts of money which we can redirect to preserving the environment and ecosystems in our own backyard, and build beautiful architecture and art in our cities! A renaissance for the 2000’s!

To me this is the definition of excellence, the legacy we create and the positive impact in various forms it has on the people around us.

You can’t buy that, but we can help create it!